Soups, Salads & Appetizers

Margie and Ray’s pride themselves in serving fresh fish.

Because of this, there is always the possibility of some bones present in the dishes.

* All Prices Subject To Change Based On Market Prices *



She Crab Soup  ~  The Best in Tidewater

Our house signature specialty and local favorite.  Homemade, rich, creamy, and loaded with crab meat.

Cup  $5.49     Bowl  $6.99

Hatteras Clam Chowder

Our own clear soup stock, chock full of tender clams.

Cup  $5.49     Bowl  $6.99

Soups to Go

1 Pint (2 cups)  $8.99     1 Quart (4 cups)  $16.99

BBQ By The Pound To Go

Pulled…$6.99/lb.       Chopped…$5.99/lb.       Cole Slaw…$2.99/lb.



Side Salad  $2.99          House Salad  $7.99          Caesar Salad  $7.99

Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad  $12.99          Grilled or Blackened Tuna or Shrimp Caesar Salad  $13.99

Fried Oysters or Crab Cake Caesar Salad  $13.99          Crabmeat Caesar Salad  $16.99

Salad Dressing Choices:  Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, Italian, Ranch, Thousand Island, Oil & Vinegar,

Balsamic Vinaigrette, Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette, French, Caesar, or Pepper Parmesan


Samplers (No Sides)

Fried Seafood Sampler  $14.99

Fried Shrimp, Oysters, and Scallops

Steamed Seafood Sampler  $16.99

Shrimp, Clams, Crab Legs, and Oysters


Appetizers (No Sides) 

Calamari  $9.99          Crab Balls  $10.99          Tuna Bites  ~  Market Price          Fried Cheese Sticks  $7.99

Chicken Strips (6)  $9.99          Hushpuppies  $3.99          French Fries  $3.99          Onion Rings  $5.99 

Fried Clam Strips  $7.99          Fried Oysters or Scallops  $12.99

Buffalo Shrimp  $11.99          Fried Shrimp  $11.99          Fried Fish and Chips  $8.99 

Crabmeat Cocktail (Sweet Lump Crabmeat)   Market Price

Shrimp Cocktail (6 Large Shrimp)  $9.99

Fried Wasabi Crab Bites  $10.99       Fried Chicken Tenders  $10.99

Fried Fish & Chips  $10.99       Fried Okra  $6.99

Steak Bites  ~  Market Price

Shrimp or Scallop Rumaki  $9.99 (Wrapped in bacon and fried to golden brown)

 Chicken Wings   (6) $6.99     (10) $8.99     (20) $17.99


Not responsible for any illness due to undercooked food requested by patrons, or for bones, shells or pearls found in foods.