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There’s Only 2 Places to Eat

Home or Margie & Ray’s



Closed On Mondays Until Spring


Margie’s is Closed While We Put in New Tile

Hoping to reopen on Tuesday the 27th.

Looking forward to seeing y’all when our renovations are complete.


Early Bird & AYCE Specials Are Back


Early Bird Specials for $11.99

Monday thru Thursday from 4-6

Includes Choice of 2 Sides: French Fries, Applesauce, Cole Slaw, Broccoli

Choose from Fried Clam Strips or Fried Oysters, Grilled or Fried Scallops or Shrimp

Grilled or Fried Flounder, Fried Chicken Tenders, NC Style BBQ

Regular Cut Ribeye, ½ Rack BBQ Ribs


Daily AYCE Specials

Includes Choice of 2 Sides: French Fries, Applesauce, Cole Slaw, Broccoli

NC Style BBQ for $15.99

Fried Clam Strips or Fried Oysters for $21.99

Grilled or Fried Flounder for $21.99

Grilled or Fried Scallops or Shrimp for $21.99

BBQ Ribs for $21.99

Steamed & Spiced Shrimp or Crab Legs for $29.99


Weekly Lunch Specials from 11-4

$6.99 Includes 2 Sides & Iced Tea

Tuesday:  Pork Chops or Shrimp (Grilled or Fried)

Wednesday:  Meatloaf or Fried Oysters

Thursday:  Fried Chicken/Chicken Salad or Scallops (Grilled or Fried)

Friday:  Hamburger Steak or Flounder (Grilled or Fried)


No Reservations Accepted After May 15th


Margie and Ray’s Restaurant was established in 1964 as a small country store and tackle shop which was owned and operated by Ray and Margie Blanton. This landmark building located on a dirt road, now known as Sandbridge Road, served as a convenience for local Sandbridge residents. The store was passed on to their son Thomas in 1997 where it was renovated into a small seafood restaurant. Over the past several years Margie and Ray’s has become known as one of the top seafood establishments in the southern end of Virginia Beach. It continues to be operated by Thomas Blanton.

The sketch below by Fletcher Bryant is the original building purchased by the Blantons.

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